Important Information All Fleet Owners Should Know

In the US, fleet owners follow specific laws and regulations when operating their vehicles. Any failure to use exhaust fluid when operating the trucks leads to violations of the current Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations for fleet trucks. Local suppliers offer the right fluids for maintaining the vehicles.

What is DEF?

The product is manufactured with deionized water and animal waste products. It is used in fleet trucks to lower gas emissions and produce a safer mixture of hydrogen and water instead of nitrous oxide gas. According to new laws, nitrous oxide gas is dangerous to the environment and increases local pollution levels.

Why Do Fleet Owners Need It?

Fleet owners need the exhaust fluid to prevent their trucks from releasing toxic gas emissions into the atmosphere. Installing a selective catalytic reduction system helps the owner avoid the emissions. The systems complete the necessary conversion and maintain the trucks more effectively. Nitrous oxide won’t be released from any vehicle as long as the fluid is used properly.

How Do Fleet Owners Maintain Adequate Levels?

The selective catalytic reduction system has indicator lights that appear when the levels are low. Drivers must monitor the gauges and determine when more fluid is needed. If the drivers fail to add the fluid as directed, the systems shut down the trucks if the fluid levels are critically low. Fleet owners won’t have to worry about issues with the systems and maintain safer vehicles.

How Do Fleet Owners Pass Safety Inspections?

As long as the fluids are used appropriately, the fleet owner won’t have to worry about a failed inspection. It is recommended that the owner evaluate their trucks and ensure that drivers have added the fluids when required. As long as the trucks use the fluid, dangerous gas emissions won’t come out of the exhaust.

In the US, fleet owners follow federal laws pertaining to their large-scale trucks. All trucks measuring over one-quarter ton require the exhaust fluid according to how many miles the drivers travel. Using the fluids properly ensures the conversion of nitrous oxide into a safer substance. Fleet owners who want to learn more about diesel exhaust fluid contact a supplier now.