Examples of Behavior That Can Result in Felony Vandalism Charges in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, vandalism is usually considered a misdemeanor offense. In some instances, the district attorney can increase the charges to felony vandalism. Felony charges usually are filed if the value of any damaged or destroyed property is $1,000 or higher. This increases the risk of a prison sentence and other serious consequences. Anyone charged with felony vandalism may want to hire Aric Cramer, Attorney at Law, for legal representation. A lawyer may also be needed for certain misdemeanor vandalism charges if they could result in a jail sentence.

An experienced defense lawyer may be able to have the case dismissed by a judge or the charges dropped by the prosecuting attorney. If this is not possible, the lawyer works to achieve the best outcome for the client.


Damaging a Public Road

Damaging a public road or bridge in a way that could cause an accident is a felony offense. Doing something to compromise a bridge’s structure or intentionally breaking pavement on a highway may create a severe safety hazard. Additional charges will be filed if someone is injured or killed because of this behavior. The defendant could be charged with manslaughter if a fatality occurred.

Destroying Collectibles

Destruction of any collectible work of art or literature displayed in an exhibition, museum, library or other setting is an example of felony vandalism. The value of the item is likely to be quite high, and the piece may be irreplaceable. Anyone accused of and arrested for this behavior needs an experienced lawyer for effective defense.

Lighting Fires

Setting fire to someone else’s property is a form of vandalism. People are mainly familiar with the intentional burning of a building by the owner in the attempt to collect insurance. However, a boat or car might be set on fire as an act of revenge or malice.

Concluding Thoughts

Oklahoma takes the offense of vandalism very seriously. Even misdemeanor charges can result in a jail term of up to one year. Conviction of felony vandalism could lead to a sentence of incarceration in a state prison. Having a skilled defense attorney for representation is crucial to prevent the worst consequences.