Compelling Reasons to Choose Granite Countertops

There are several reasons that granite countertops are some of the most popular options for the bathrooms and kitchens. The popularity of this material has quite a bit of staying power, which has been seen year after year. Keep reading to learn about the specific benefits of this material here.

It’s a Durable and Tough Material

Granite is a rock. It’s hard and only comes in second to the diamond when it comes to hardness. When these counters are installed properly, they will be one of the last countertops that are ever needed. If a homeowner decides to replace this surface in the future, it will be because they want to, not because they have to.

Granite resists cracking, scratching, and chipping. If the granite ever is cracked, chipped, or scratched, it’s something that is pretty easy to fix; however, this does depend on how severe the damage is. While it isn’t recommended, if a hot pan is set on the counter, it won’t cause the damage that would occur with wood, laminate, or other, softer and less durable materials.

Simple Maintenance

It’s important to have granite surfaces properly sealed, which is why it’s a good idea to have a pro handle the installation. However, when sealed based on guidelines from the manufacturer, a granite surface is going to resist bacteria and staining. Once sealed, cleaning the surface is a breeze, and all that is needed is soap and water, or a specialized cleaner made specifically for granite surfaces.

Increase Home Value

A new, quality granite surface is going to help a home look more valuable and be more attractive. In fact, once installed, there are some homeowners who get a return on their investment of 100 percent. There aren’t many other home renovations or upgrades that offer that level of return.

As anyone can see, the use of granite is something that is extremely popular due to the many benefits it offers. Keep the information here in mind when considering new counters. Being informed can help a homeowner determine if granite surfaces are right for their needs and their home.