Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer When Facing a DUI Charge

A DUI charge is a serious offense that can impact every aspect of a person’s future, with penalties leading to the permanent loss of their license, financial problems, and long-term imprisonment. For the best result in a case, always work with an experienced dui defense lawyer. Those contemplating the need for a lawyer should consider the benefits below of hiring one:

Legal Expertise

An experienced lawyer will be able to build the case by being familiar with local policies. For example, a county might have a counseling program for DUI offenders that, if accepted, can greatly reduce or even dismiss a sentence altogether. Drunk driving offenses are incredibly challenging cases for the defendant, meaning the law firm that he or she chooses should have trial experience and be able to negotiate with both the prosecution and the court. Beyond the local and state laws, a lawyer will be able to investigate the validity of the arrest, along with the equipment and methods used in the process.

Local Knowledge

Knowing the specifics about the local court, judges, attorneys, and law enforcement officials can be important for a trial. Experienced lawyers will have developed relationships with various people in the court system and be able to work with them. An example would be, an arresting police officer having the lack of qualifications to carry out a certain test, which could greatly alter the course of the case. A lawyer who knows those involved will be able to pick up on something like this.

Reduced Consequences

An attorney can negotiate on the defendant’s behalf and potentially create a plea deal. Their level of experience in similar cases and relationships at the local level will determine the influence they have. Even in a worst-case scenario, a DUI lawyer can be the deciding factor in avoiding a longer sentence, retaining a license, or receiving lower fines.

The consequences of the conviction related to drunk driving can be devastating. Those facing DUI charges can turn to the team at Barbera Law in Somerset, PA. There are eight highly qualified attorneys here who work tirelessly to serve their clients. To get additional information or to schedule a consultation, visit them online at