3 Reasons Painted Bathtubs Should be Part of Your Bathroom Remodel

If you’ve never heard of Painted Bathtubs, and you’re in the process of considering a bathroom remodel, you simply must learn about them. Homeowners who have seen these tubs, instantly fall in love with them, you will too. While almost everything undergoes upgrades and changes through the years, the bathtub has stayed pretty much the same for many years. Nothing much has been done to change their looks or to give them an updated vibe. That is, until now. These tubs are changing the way that consumers think of tubs. A boring tub is not good enough for your newly remodeled bathtub. Choose a bathtub that you’ll want to show off to everything who visits. Your bathroom may just become your favorite room.

Show Off Your Unique Sense of Style

  • These tubs come in a variety of colors.
  • You can opt for almost any custom color or pattern.
  • Different tub silhouettes let you choose the tub that fits your design idea and your lifestyle.

Don’t Let The Tub Ruin The Vision that You Have

For many years, there was nothing much that you could do with a tub. You couldn’t change it, so you just lived with it. Even when it was a huge eyesore that didn’t fit in with the flow of your bathroom. Plenty of homeowners decided to have their tub ripped out in favor of just having a shower. The thinking was, showers are easier to customize. Now people are rethinking this decision, thanks to the variety of painted tubs that they have to choose from.

There’s Nothing Like a Bath After a Long Day

A peaceful, relaxing bath feels amazing. A traditional, standard bathtub may be great for kids, but it doesn’t quite work as well for adults. You’re an adult, you have adult responsibilities and stresses, you need an adult-size bathtub. These tubs are not only stunningly beautiful, but they are designed to be functional. What that means for you is a comfortable bathtub that you’ll love soaking away the worries of the day.

If you’re spending money to remodel your bathroom, go all the way and choose a bathtub that you can be proud of. You’ll love the unique look it gives your bathroom. You’ll also love having a tub that you can fit in. Add some bubble bath and forget your cares as you enjoy your new tub. You’ll love every single thing about your new bathtub.